Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? Is your partner a pothead? Then fear not, because we have the perfect solution for getting back into their good books. Well, we don’t, but the Lowell Herb Company does, because they make bouquets that are not only beautiful to look at, they’re also awesome to smoke!

The California-based farmers sell beautifully-arranged organically fertilized marijuana bouquets that include wildflowers and eucalyptus. Oh, and a whole ounce of Purple Princess, a highly potent strain of pot. At $400 USD per bouquet, this gift is pretty pricey, but we’re sure that you and your partner will be too stoned to care by the time you’ve smoked your way through 28 grams of dope. Head on over to their website and place your orders there. Better hurry though, as there was only a limited run of 500 bouquets. Oh, and they’re only available to people with medical marijuana cards. Sorry!

More info: Lowell Herb Company (h/t: dangerous minds)