Back in the 19th century, Tinder and Craigslist weren’t exactly a thing yet, so people had to find other ways to search for a mate. Advertising yourself in a local newspaper was one of them, and that’s exactly what this eligible bachelor did in 1865. Now, in 2017, we all wish we could transport him to the future and take him up on the offer.

The 1800’s were a simpler time in many aspects, and thus, people had simpler wants and needs. If someone had land, agriculture, and a suitable home, they were pretty much set for life. This 18-year-old suitor from Aroostook County, Maine, had the whole package, plus a “good set of teeth.” Talk about dreamy! The clipping has gone viral, with almost 40 thousand upvotes on Reddit and a whole host of reactions – mostly from today’s single ladies who would love to go live on his farm and make him a decent wife. “He had me at ‘my potatoes are bully,'” one Facebook user commented.

We may never know if this old-fashioned Prince Charming managed to find his happily ever after, but given the fact that there was a shortage of young and able-bodied men during his era, we’re sure an eager maiden snatched him up in no time. Check out his sweet and humorous letter below, and let us know if you’d do the honors of keeping him company in the comments!