Twitter user Rivelino has released a now-viral series of “green line” tweets. It urges men to stop leaning into the women’s world and bring the females into theirs instead.

To get their point across, Revelino shares pictures of heterosexual couples and highlights their postures with green lines. If a man’s line is “leaning” towards the woman’s, he’s needy, weak, and the pathetic beta deserves pity.

Conversely, if a woman’s line is tilted towards a man, she’s submitting to his protection, and the dude’s fine — he’s a strong alpha.

Pretty soon, people started highlighting the flaws in this ridiculous theory, pointing out the toxic masculinity and a million other socially disgusting concepts behind it.

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Recently, Twitter user Rivelino presented their “green line” theory

Image credits: alpharivelino

Image credits: alpharivelino

Image credits: alpharivelino

Image credits: alpharivelino

Image credits: alpharivelino

These tweets (just like most of the stuff Rivelino shares with their followers) is a perfect example of the ‘manosphere’, a collection of predominantly web-based misogynist ideologies associated with the far-right and alt-right.

Recently, the manosphere has been a subject of feminist scholarship. It has been subjected to serious accusations, blaming it for its role in encouraging misogyny and violent threats towards women online, as well as for potentially radicalizing lonely or dis-enfranchised men.

But people soon started highlighting its flaws

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