While we all know that there are way too many people online who will be mean to you for no good reason, there are also quite a few who just can’t help but be wholesome and kind. So when a Twitter user @nellychillin posted a photo comparing himself to Ryan Gosling, things could’ve gone differently. This time, instead of being rude and offensive, people who commented under his photo were kind an supportive.

A Twitter user shared his selfie saying people often compare him to the actor Ryan Gosling

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After Nelly uploaded the photo saying “People been telling me I look like Ryan Gosling. What y’all think”, the viral went viral really fast. Today it has more than 37k likes and over 4k reblogs.

Nelly’s post went viral and he was overwhelmed with supportive tweets

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While he probably posted the tweet as a joke, users’ responses were overwhelming and the whole thread quickly took a wholesome turn. People decided to point out the similarities between the famous actor and Nelly, saying they hardly see any differences between the two. Some even made memes to prove their point.

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People even made memes to show how stunned they were by the pair’s similarity

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The wholesome tweets prompted Nelly to post a self-care message for all of those who read the thread

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