It shouldn’t be rocket science to sense when a person doesn’t want to talk to you. And that should be respected at all costs, especially if the one being chatted up is a young woman busy working her shift at a store. But 19-year-old TikToker Mickey Ruiz, @mickey.ruiz, has recently revealed what too many women have to go through on a daily basis when men maliciously refuse to regard their personal boundaries.

In a very uncomfortable-to-watch video captioned “Why do men?”, you hear a man relentlessly bombarding her with inappropriate and overly personal questions in a bid to flirt her up, while she demonstrates her blatant disinterest. The video has been viewed more than 8 million times and most people seem to be appalled at the man’s behavior, while others genuinely worry for her safety.

Let’s see the full footage right below, which just shows us all that just like “no means no,” so does “not interested means get the heck outta here, I am just trying to do my job.” And whatever the situation, this has no exceptions, ever.

The 19-year-old TikToker Mickey Ruiz has recently shared uncomfortable footage of a man relentlessly chatting her up while she’s busy doing her shift at work


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The man bombarded Ruiz with personal and inappropriate questions although she continually showed her total disinterest

Throughout this unwanted encounter, the woman felt deeply uncomfortable but she was still trying to do her job

When it seemed like the man would finally pack up and leave, he kept on torturing Ruiz with yet more unwanted attention

She later posted another video discussing criticism and explaining why women often choose to answer creeps’ questions in fear of their safety

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“Harassment at work is sadly a very common problem—especially for women and young workers. Our research has found that just over half (52%) of women workers have experienced sexual harassment at work, rising to 63% for women aged 18 to 24,” Frances said.

“Sexual harassment is more common from colleagues, but it happens from customers and clients too. Of those women who have been sexually harassed at work, 7 per cent said it was from a customer or client. But if you are young and serving customers it is much higher, with nearly half (46%) of young workers in customer service roles saying they have been sexually harassed by a customer.”

When it comes to crossing the personal line, Frances said that nobody should be sexualized, denigrated or intimidated when they are doing their job. “Workplace sexual harassment is not only unwanted touching, hugging, or even assault. It can also be suggestive remarks and unwanted flirting.”

Frances continued that “if a customer or client gets suggestive, or personal and persistent, you shouldn’t have to brush it off,” TUC general secretary warned. “They have crossed the line and you should report it to a manager and your union representative.”

“Trade unions have recently won agreement from the government to toughen up the law. Employers will soon be required to take steps to prevent sexual harassment in workplaces—not only from colleagues, but also customers and clients. A date has not yet been set, but this change to the law cannot come soon enough, and we hope it will make a big difference protecting people at work.”

Many people felt absolutely appalled by the man’s behavior, while others shared how sadly this is all too common for women working in customer service