Harry Potter. Too good for words. Only a real person who grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione would get a HP tattoo. And only real Potterheads would understand these tats. Enjoy!

#3 Colourful Stag

Colourful Stag

Tavci Tattoo Report

CandyCorn 2 years ago

that is WAY to big

#5 Phonixed Hallows

Phonixed Hallows

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Baked_Potato 2 years ago

*groan* phoenixed....

#7 Watercolour Promise

Watercolour Promise


snazZydoddle 1 year ago

love the colours!

#16 Hermione's Scar From Bellatrix

Hermione's Scar From Bellatrix

Alfidtot Report

Smoofy 7 months ago

Not in the books I don't think...

#19 Matching Harry Potter Tattoos

Matching Harry Potter Tattoos

Vixidixi84 Report

AmandaRachaelProctor 2 years ago

Lol!!!!! This would be such a great couple tattoo to get!!!