This mushroom pendant was inspired by the wonders of nature.

Nature is part of our lives, of course. And in these days of fast developing technology and automatization, it is not always easy to keep that in mind and to work with that. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important, because it really is. Without nature, we wouldn’t even have all this technology, we wouldn’t have cars, houses or even cloths. Let alone iPhones. So yes, even with all this technology, we still need nature. So here’s an idea to get nature closer to you. I’ve put it in a tiny, tiny test tube and make it in to a necklace so you can carry it around. Or I have some very nature like earrings or bracelets. Sculptures of fashionable bonsai trees, made from different kinds of materials. And the best thing, it’s all handcrafted, just for you.

I started out creating these tiny art projects because friends asked me to create jewelry for them. I combined my knowledge about nature and my knowledge about art to create these things. My pleasure does not necessarily come from creating the jewelry. It’s more: I like to help people, to make them feel good about themselves. Bring about a positive atmosphere, the satisfaction of the customer, that’s what really matters to me. I carefully craft every single piece, so that it will last long and you will have all the pleasure from it.

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