These pictures are a part of my latest efforts to create a bio-engineered habitat that benefits the growth and fitness of corals planted onto the surfaces of the sculptures. Each of these sculpture is constructed from Iron Rebar using SMAW, deployed underwater in an area where few corals can grow, electrified to allow for the accretion of Calcium Carbonate to the metal, and then restored with opportunistic coral fragments. The coral fragments are found in the sands around the site and would most likely die were it not for the metal sculptures that provide the corals with the stability they need to thrive. 

More info:

An Electric Lure Lights up the site

Me and Bob deploying the Sloane Viperfish

It accretes its first layers of Calcium Carbonate that make it look like it’s covered in snow

Bob, the electrical wizard who helps electrify my sculptures


Electric Seahorse

In the belly of the beast