Bored Panda often covers stories about so-called choosing beggars, but it’s time that good Samaritans finally gain some exposure, too. And apparently, one of them just happens to be living in the United Kingdom. After Tim Cameron – a Brit product manager – lost his wallet, one man found the most hilarious way to return it. The tweet on the good Samaritan instantly went viral, amassing more than 30k retweets and over 170k likes, while many people also shared their stories of good Samaritans as well.

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This man lost his wallet on the way home and was contacted by a person who found it in a hilarious way

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Tim Cameron posted on Twitter that he had lost his wallet while on the way home from work. “I didn’t have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan got in touch with [me] via my… bank account.” Apparently, the person who found the wallet really wanted to get it back to its rightful owner, so he made four transfers of £0.01 with little comments.

Tim attached a screenshot to a tweet of transfers that were made

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Put together, the text said: “Hi, I found your wallet in the road,” then, the good Samaritan put down their phone number and added: “text or call!” People absolutely loved the story – more than thirty thousand of them retweeted it and it also amassed over a hundred seventy thousand likes almost instantly. “Bless them. Hope they win the lottery or fall in love or something lovely,” one Twitter user commented. “This is gonna go viral, what an amazing way to be a decent human,” noted another one.


Someone cared to asked Tim how the person knew his bank account number

Image credits: Timcammm

To which Tim responded that in the United Kingdom, it is common to have bank account details printed on the bank card. “That’s not a great idea for the most part,” someone commented. Well, apparently, this time it was really beneficial for both parties.

Many admired the ingenuity of the person who found the wallet

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Others started sharing stories of their good Samaritans as well

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While some were asking the real questions

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All in all, we’re glad that there are really kind people out there who do good deeds just for the sake of it. Do you have your own ‘good Samaritan’ story? If so, please tell us in the comments down below!