For a child, losing a favorite stuffed toy can be a traumatic experience. Airport Police at Norfolk Airport, Virginia, know this and so when they found Cookie Dough, 8-year-old August Bridge’s favorite friend, they went all out to return the toy in a memorable way.

“She loves stuffed animals and goes through phases with them,” August’s mother Kelly told Bored Panda. “But he is definitely the current favorite and she is way more attached to him than she has been to previous toys.” August first realized that she had lost Cookie on the drive home from the airport. “I thought she was going to cry,” Kelly said.

Kelly called the airport, who quickly located Cookie and promised to look after the toy until it could be picked up. When she and August went a few days later, they found that Cookie had been on some amazing adventures while they were gone! “I can’t say enough about what they did….the time and effort they put into this was so wonderful, and they couldn’t have done it for a more appreciative family,”  Kelly told us. ­“We have taught Gussie from the start that police officers are the good guys, and I know they experience a lot of negativity in today’s world. For the most part, we know that law enforcement are there solely to keep us safe, and it was such a kind and amazing gesture for them to do this for her along with their normal duties.”

“Sharon, the dispatcher that I spoke with initially, never once made us feel silly for asking them to go find him, and in fact took his disappearance as seriously as she would anything else of value. She took a description of Cookie and asked what his name was, and where he was last seen. A mom herself, she knew how desperate we were.”


While August really missed her cookie while he was gone, it was worth the wait to get him back in one piece, and with a gift to cherish as she grows up. “She LOVED the book and seeing his adventures! We are animal lovers and help her take care of all her stuffed animals, we talk to them and tuck them in etc to make her laugh, so when she saw all the fun he had, it really made her smile.”

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8 Y.O. August was in the car on the way home when she realized she’d forgotten her dog Cookie Dough in the terminal

“I thought she was going to cry,” her mom told The Virginian Pilot

Luckily, the airport staff found cookie dough, and it turns out it was having a blast

The airport police put all of Cookie’s adventures in a book for August


The pup celebrated 4th of July

Was a part of the rescue team


And was even made an honorary policeman

Cookie was a little naughty


And got to meet some friends

The airport team made sure cookie dough was well treated

Before being finally reunited with August

People loved the feelgood story