J. R. R. Tolkien is, of course, known for his enormous contribution to the fantasy books genre, especially with the epic The Lord of the Rings series that became a sort of staple when talking about high fantasy. Not only did Tolkien put the groundwork for generations of fiction writers (and consumers) to come, he also created some of the most memorable fantasy characters to represent the many different aspects of the genre. We definitely think of the Lord of the Rings character named Gandalf when someone brings up the topic of wizards. The elven world is hardly imaginable without the presence (and shenanigans) of prince Legolas Greenleaf. Throughout Tolkien’s books, this Middle Earther acts as one of the main channels to the elven world and culture that the writer has carefully constructed (he even created a fictional language, just for this race, Quenya).

By following the famous characters on their adventures, we find out that Tolkien’s elves are tall, immortal supernatural beings with much keener senses than the common men. One of the more memorable moments of the series, when Legolas uses his elf eyes to see that “[The orcs are] taking the Hobbits to Isengard,” recently became a subject of a Tumblr post that attracted a lot of attention. One user, colonelmagpie, posted their physics homework, where they had to reason how could Legolas see what’s five leagues away. The user soon added their results, and from there… hilarity ensued!