I bet most of you never hear about Lombok before.

Lombok is one of province in Indonesia, next from Bali, often called sister island of Bali.

But, not like the busy Bali, Lombok more quite and have slow pace.

Lombok have many magical spot, beach, mountain, village, just mention it!

Enjoy the gallery, don’t forget share your experience as well.

View of Segara Anak Lake on Rinjani Mountain

View to the hills, from Rinjani Mountain, East Lombok

Dancing with the wave, Tunak beach, South Lombok

Baru Jari Mountain, “child” of Rinjani Mountain

Magical sunset at Pantai Tiga, North Lombok

Traditional hand wooven at Sade Village, Central Lombok

Islamic Centre, Mataram City. Biggest mosque in Lombok

Snorkeling in Gili Air, North Lombok