Libby is a 2-year-old girl with one of the cutest and sweetest buddies that a young child could ask for – an adorable 3-month-old piglet named Pearl. Libby adoptive mother Lindsey, a photographer and blogger, captures their beautiful capers together on her sugar-sweet Instagram – @livesweetphotography.

Check out these photos for more unbearable cuteness and visit Lindsey’s Etsy for her sweet arts and crafts as well! Lindsey has also answered Bored Panda’s questions about the two girls and her work, so read on for more.

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Meet Libby and her pet piglet Pearl

“In my childhood I raised bunnies, sheep and goats as well as dogs and cats,” Lindsey told Bored Panda. “I am a huge nurturer and love to care of babies, baby animals and adult animals alike!”

Libby is 2 and little Pearl is just 3 months old

“I have always been an animal lover and liked different interesting kinds of animals. I am especially attracted to animals that love to snuggle and spend lots of time right by their owners side”

Their mom Lindsey writes, “I love all things cute, baby, pastel and sweet!”

“After my daughter became obsessed with pigs we started researching them more and more and decided they would be a great fit for us. We knew it was a bit of a risk with anything new but we are so thrilled that Pearl is a part of our life now and we all adore her!”

Well, Pearl is all that and more!

“I was very fortunate to have quite a few families help me through our adoption process. They answered questions, helped me plan and find my way around something that was so new and foreign”

Both of these lovely girls were adopted into this loving family

“I felt to blessed to have had their guidance but at the same time couldn’t help but feel that the adoption process its self was a lonely one. In adoption their are so many unknowns and most people if you haven’t been through it yourself know almost nothing about it so you often don’t have many people to talk to about this amazing, joyful and scary journey you are on”

Through the businesses she runs, Lindsey hopes to raise funds for other adopting families as well

“After adopting our little Libby I decided that I wanted to help spread the news about adoption and make it a more common easy to talk about conversation. I wanted to be open and honest and help answer questions for those who were in the process or those who were just curious about the process”

Lindsey writes, “God has blessed us so much through adoption and it is now my passion to share adoption love with others!”

Thank you, Lindsey, for answering Bored Panda’a questions about Libby, Pearl, and your work to help other families adopt!