Let’s be real—we could all use a small pick-me-up in the form of comfort food in these times of uncertainty. While most of us do order takeout from time to time, we probably don’t go as far as this little fella, who managed to throw himself a McDonald’s feast after getting a hold of his mom’s phone.

Raissa Andrade, a 32-year-old mom from Recife, Brazil, left her phone unattended only for her son to spot it. Soon enough, the cheeky little guy ordered quite a banquet of 10 bags worth of McDonald’s for roughly $100 (400 Brazilian real).

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This 4-year-old boy used his mom’s phone to buy himself $100 worth of McDonald’s

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According to Raissa, her son was left unattended only briefly after she returned from a doctor’s appointment and decided to have a shower, in line with coronavirus procedures. In the meantime, Tom grabbed her phone and used the voice request to order food to their house. Even more, he managed to confirm their address for delivery. Raissa told local media that he must’ve learned that from her, as she herself has ordered takeout food for her and her son during the pandemic.

He ordered 6 Happy Meals, 6 promotional meals, 10 milkshakes, 8 McSundaes, 8 bottles of water, and 8 special offer toys

Image credits: raissawandrade

Among the things Tom ordered were six Happy Meals, six promotional meals, ten milkshakes, eight McSundaes, eight bottles of water, and eight special offer toys.

Naturally, Raissa was in for a surprise when she heard the building’s reception ring to find out that there were 10 bags of McDonald’s waiting to be collected downstairs.

Luckily, the boy’s mother was actually amused by his antics

Image credits: raissawandrade

Despite the huge order, Tom still wasn’t that impressed with the stuff he received. Apparently, the little guy complained to his mom, having rummaged through all the ten bags, that the “yellow minion” he had requested had not been delivered. In addition to this, they had also forgotten Tom’s apple pie. Tsk tsk, McDonald’s.

But worry not, none of the food went to waste. Raissa shared it with some relatives that live in the same building. Also, she explained to the media that the hilarious antics of her son lifted up her mood a bit, as she’s going through an unspecified health issue that prompted a doctor’s visit.

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