According to the World Health Organization, anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness, and as many as 1 in 13 people globally suffer from it. Constant anxiety and panic attacks can disrupt a person’s life, making it hard for them to accomplish even the simplest everyday tasks. However, most people who never had any mental health issues find it hard to understand the weight of these anxiety attacks. Furthermore, many are left wondering how they suppose to act when someone close to them has a mental breakdown

Actress Kelsey Darragh who admitted to having panic attacks and an anxiety disorder shared an intimate ‘to do’ list she wrote to her boyfriend. To help him understand her condition, she wrote down 15 things he can actually do to help her get dealing with stress and surviving through a panic attack. The list was highly appreciated and went viral. If you or someone close to you suffer from similar mental disorders, this is a must-read!

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Actress Kelsey Darragh suffers from panic attacks and an anxiety disorder

Image credits: Kelsey Darragh

She recently  shared a list she wrote for her boyfriend

Image credits: Kelsey Darragh

She wrote down 15 things he can actually do to help her get through a panic attack


Kelsey encouraged her followers to share what helps them get through panic attacks