In this master class I want to show how from the polymer clay an ornament is created in a very unusual style – biomechanics.

So, we need:

1. Polymer clay (any color that you would like to take as a basis).

2. Tools – the simplest, I usually use a scalpel, a pair of knitting needles of different sizes, a needle, toothpicks, synthetic brushes, 2-5 number.

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We knead a piece of polymer clay of the right volume, from the heat of the hands it becomes softer, more pliable. We give the piece the shape of the body of the owl, pulling it into the oval.

Extend from small pieces of polymer clay elongated flat feathers and sculpt them in the tail.

The modeling of the eyes is one biomechanical, goggle, the other – an elongated eye, framed around by thin rolled out elements.

Toothpick to make a dots – holes on the skeleton of some details.


Coloring the owl with acrylic, dry brush, so it turns out the effect of rust, add shades of other colors, for the color of the product. Owl painting takes place only after firing of polymer clay!


The finished product must be varnished, to strengthen the painted layer.

Here the owl is ready!