If you’re willing to do the crime, get ready to do the time. And then pay the price. However, one fashion student from South Korea — let’s call her Jane — thought she would get away with stealing her coursemate’s — we’ll name her Grace — design. But she didn’t. After getting robbed of her hard work, Grace devised the perfect revenge plan that made Jane do the time (humiliate herself in front of a huge crowd) and pay the price (get expelled). Continue scrolling to find out how the mastermind did it and let us know in the comments if you think the punishment is just.

Image credits: vgajic (not the actual photo)

After Reddit user sgy0003 shared the story, it immediately went viral, generating over 12,000 upvotes on r/ProRevenge. As for the payback, well, most think it’s well-deserved.

“Yeah, and also it’s very satisfying reading that the disgusting chairman was also replaced by someone that was much better at doing their job,” one commenter said. “Brilliant! Grade ‘A’ revenge,” another one added.

r/ProRevenge has been featuring similar stories since November 2012. During the years, its community has been constantly growing and currently unites over 990K members.

No wonder that number is so big. According to Karyn Hall, the director and owner of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center, revenge seems to be one of the deepest instincts we have. It’s is a form of establishing justice, a form of protection, a kind of enforcement of social cooperation.

Here’s what people said about the whole ordeal