It seems like our younger generations are the ones that worry the most about the future of our planet. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense since they are the ones that will have to experience the tragic effects of your consumeristic and oblivious behavior. So, since there is a desperate need for a huge change, initiatives across the world are trying to incorporate younger generations to help save the planet. Even though they are not the ones that ruined it, it’s pretty obvious that they will be the ones to save it.

More info: House Bill No. 1154

On May 15, the Philippine Congress passed a law that requires students to plant 10 trees if they wish to graduate school

This bill states that this requirement applies to all students in order to graduate primary school, high school, and college.

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The bill was introduced by Congressman Gary Alejano

According to him, his main goal is to promote inter-generational responsibility as well as environmental protection.

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“While we recognise the right of the youth to a balanced and healthy ecology… there is no reason why they cannot be made to contribute in order to ensure that this will be an actual reality,” Gary Alejano commented on the bill.

This initiative will help plant 175 million trees


According to Alejano, even if only 10% of all the planted trees survive, this would still result in 525 million trees in the course of one generation.

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In fact, this isn’t the only positive initiative that involves the younger generation

One school in India made its students pay their “school fees” by collecting, bringing to school, and recycling plastic waste that was lying across the town. This type of initiative helped raise awareness about plastic waste in Asian countries. It also allowed more students to seek education and even helped the students to earn some money by recycling the plastic so they wouldn’t have to resort to child labor in order to survive.