I was working on some concepts for a gory eye prosthetic for a haunted house when I got the idea for a lion monocle. That’s how it all began. My name is Kristen Phillips, and I’m a mask maker, prop builder, and fx makeup artist. I make monocle prosthetics (also available with a strap if gluing stuff to your face weirds you out) under the name S. Anomalous.

The inspiration for the monocle designs comes from all over – nature, mythology, history, fiction, architecture, and the supernatural. The monocles are lightweight, flexible latex with a laser cut plastic lens. You can see through the monocle, and I recommend using pros-aide adhesive to attach them to your skin. Once it’s glued on, you’re good to go for a day/night of masquerading, costume balling, carnivaling, dancing, bacchanalian feasting, general partying, whatever. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get your monocle on while doing laundry or taking out the trash either. When you’re done, the monocle can be removed with adhesive remover, and if stored properly, it can be worn over and over again.

The photos below were taken by Corey Lynn Palmer. Makeup and styling by Lauren Palmer.

More info: Etsy

Floating skeleton hand monocle

Cthulu monocle

Lion monocle

Medusa monocle

Gilded skull monocle

Medusa monocle in bronze

The “Wiley” monocle, inspired by aviator Wiley Post

Scarab/moth monocle

The barnacle-crusted side of the Cthulu monocle

Another view of the floating skeleton hand monocle