I’m Veronika and I’m student of photography. I bought my new camera in the fall of 2013 and since then me and my brother Jernej are driving around and taking pictures of our lovely home country. Slovenia.(EU)

A few words about Slovenia real quick: it’s a very small county in central Europe. The most known places here are the capital city – Ljubljana, Bled with island on the lake, and Emerald river Soča. Slovenia is so small that we only own 43 km of coast (that’s like 26 miles). And if you want to come from one side of the country to the other (Izola-Murska Sobota), you will drive only for about three hours.

And here are some of photos to prove that Slovenia is a perfect little country on the sunny side of Alps…

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Brda hills in golden light

Matajur or Montemaggiore it’s a mountain in the border between Slovenia and Italy

The most photographed place in Slovenia. Bled- from Osojnica

Mangart saddle. 2,072 metres (6,798 ft)


The green Vipava Valley. From Mt. Čaven


The Great Soča Gorge. And her famous emerald colour

Amazing sunset in Mangart saddle

Solkan bridge it is the longest stone bridge among train bridges built of stone blocks


The Vintgar Gorge – Bled

Šmartno in Goriška Brda. Slovenian Tuscany

Somewhere on Slovenian coast


Javorca-memorial Church of the Holy Spirit


One of the Krn’s lakes on 1.394m

From Mt. Nanos in direction of Central Slovenia

Slovenia has the most beautiful hiking trials

Fairytale-like Pokljuka

This is S L O V E N I A