My name is Chris König, I’m a self-taught photographer. It had been a dream to travel to Asia for a long time, even before I discovered photography.

I am now 22 years old and after I finished my bachelors I couldn’t wait any longer to go there and capture everything: diversity of different cultures, nature, portraits. I just wanted to wander around, because there is so much beauty to be explored. This is what I saw in those months.

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Sunrise at Mt. Bromo

Sunset in Bagan

Bromo volcano, Indonesia

A Chin lady in Myanmar

Sunset in Indonesia

Looking over the Ijen crater

The toxic Ijen lake

Rice paddies in Bali

A Chin hunter in Myanmar

Driving around in volcanic ashes, Indonesia

Getting an haircut in Hanoi

The mighty Fansipan, Vietnam

Another hairdresser, waiting for clients

Going to Mars?

A farmer in Bagan, Myanmar

The schoolkid

A monk washing himself in Mandalay

The tattooed lady, Chin state Myanmar

The balloons of Bagan, Myanmar

Little kids playing around in Vietnam

Cooking delicious food in Sa Pa, Vietnam