Many a story is flying around the vast world of the Internet following the tragic passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash. While all of them are full of fondness, gratitude, and only the best words about the late basketball player, this particular one underlines Bryant’s true and sincere kindness and humbleness. After all, most famous people like their good deeds to be talked about but Bryant was not one of them. His way of keeping the kind acts he’s done over the years to himself is the true definition of saying “not all heroes wear capes”.

Kristen O’Connor Hecht shared a story about Kobe that’s equally heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time

Turns out, Kobe was once asked for an autograph for a dying 5-year-old boy of the same name and he figured he’d spend some quality time with the boy instead

People on the Internet were in awe of Kobe’s kindness

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