I am a professional knitter who likes to knit cool things for my brand Club Geluk. We knit realistic everyday stuff with lots of details and even wrote a couple of books about it. We knit hams, TV’s, plants – all sorts of funny and unique design things. To set the bar a little higher regarding my knitting skills, I thought of knitting my son. He liked it, and we worked together on it.

The reactions during the process were so diverse – from creepy to beautiful – that we decided to take some photos of this impersonation in real life to place the weirdness in context. It was a fun art family art project!

When it was finished we thought it would be a great idea for mothers with to much love for their children and need to cuddle. So they could knit there own cuddly pillow son! My knitted son consists of: a knitted head with a cap, hands with nails and watch, knitted trousers, a knitted sweater with an obstinate slogan, knitters sneakers, and knitted iPod. Actually, the knitting pattern has characteristics of both my sons. The other one had just grown so much during the process that the smaller one was only able to wear it when it was finished.

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