The idea of going under the knife for surgery is a nervewracking thought. Thanks to anesthesia you won’t feel anything (let’s hope) but it is an anxiety-filled process sometimes. One of the best ways to fight off jitters? humor – which is exactly what one guy did while waiting for his knee surgery.

One online user shared the tale of his knee surgery as a teenager. For the post-op process, things seemed to start out routine, with the doctor giving him a sharpie to mark the affected area. Well, waiting around to be taken into the operation room can take a while, so he found a hilarious way to keep himself entertained. When the surgeons found what he had done the prank was so hilarious thing fell a bit behind schedule.

A guy shared the story of his knee surgery prank, which delayed his operation for 30 minutes

Image credits: Aine (not the actual photo)

People in the comments thought the story was hilarious and even shared some similar tales