Being in between jobs, I decided I needed a project. I usually work with acrylic on canvas. Looking around my apartment, I found that I had neither to work with and couldn’t afford to get more. Spotting my kitchen table, I decided that this was as good a blank canvas as any. I haven’t worked with wood too much, but I remembered having a couple of old wood burners in my junk drawer. I grabbed all the supplies I could conjure up and went to work.

This took a week to make (40 hours). The most difficult part was measuring, as  I’m not good at it. I know there is seemingly only room for 2 players, but I didn’t want to make the board too small. We Canadians are resourceful people. We can make it work!

The stain is sloppy, blotchy, and old looking. Not for everyone’s taste, but it’s just the way I like it! Over-all, I am very happy with the result and believe it was the time well spent.

More info: ToastnEggs

Original table

A lot of people have this table, either from Ikea or Jysk.


Everything I could find.

Original Draft


I tried my best to follow the original board. Prices might be outdated a little.

Pencil Outline


This was more difficult than it looks.

Etched outline

I used a knife to carve out the outline before using the burner. This was a huge help to keep the chisel in place when burning it in.

Carving the outline

Fingers nearly broken at this point.

First coat of varnish


I got caught up in what I was doing and forgot to take pictures. Here is the first coat of acrylic varnish I found under my sink.

Trying to show the etchings

Another angle

In Jail!

Someone mentioned that it looked like a chocolate bar.


Full shot

Some strongly dislike how I blotched the stain, but I kinda like it. It looks old, rustic, used, and abused. It will also hide any future spill, wear, or tear. I’m a happy camper!