A recently posted story about the interview from hell on the Antiwork subreddit caught everyone’s attention. “Man, I never thought I’d be posting here,” the person who goes by the nickname Late-Impression1372 wrote.

The Redditor was looking to get a job to help his dad with the bills when he noticed a restaurant nearby was hiring. So Late-Impression1372 rolled up his sleeves and went to an interview he likely won’t forget soon.

It all started with an interview taking place at another branch which was pretty far away, and an interviewer making the author wait half an hour. “This is where everything started being awkward,” he recounted.

While the interview developed in a weird way, it was nothing until the manager asked the unsuspecting Redditor if he was hungry.

This person shared how he had a weird job interview where a manager made him pay for the food they offered

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“While having to wait half an hour for your interviewer is annoying but can be considered normal, having to pay for food that was offered to you during the interview certainly isn’t,” Christine Mitterbauer, a licensed and ICF-approved career coach and serial entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom, told Bored Panda.

Mitterbauer argues that “it should be common sense that whatever an applicant is offered from when he arrives for an interview until he leaves, whether this is coffee, food, or any promotional gifts or documents, is taken care of by the company.”

The author also added a couple more details about the whole situation


Image credits: Late-Impression1372

The career coach concluded that “it is extremely bad manners and very unprofessional to let the interviewee pay themselves, and ruins the potential working relationship before it has even started.”

Mitterbauer added that “at least the interviewee found out early that this isn’t the kind of company he wanted to work for, and got out before he had accepted the job offer.”

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