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Jax And Lovey Share Alpaca Adventures
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Jax And Lovey Share Alpaca Adventures


Jax and Lovey are two Pacabuddies in love. They travel all over spreading the word about the joys of being an alpaca and sharing their adventures.

Always ready for adventure, their favorite thing to say is… “Roadtrip, ‘Alpaca’ my bags!”

More info:

Jax steals a kiss in the park.

Getting their kicks on Route 66

Jax and Lovey grab a quick bite to eat at a diner on Route 66.

A restful time in the jacuzzi

After a long day of traveling a long relaxing soak in the jacuzzi was very welcome.



Jax and Lovey think they’re in heaven.

Old farm country in Idaho. Hay everywhere!!!

A stop to rest and adore hay for as far as our merry couple of PacaBuddies can see.

Old school relaxations in Gables BnB


Trying to blend in at the Clown Motel, Tonopah, NV

Just a little clowning around, LOL!

Jax asks why there is not a Year of the Alpaca


Lovey’s just happy they don’t SERVE alpaca!

Jax and Lovey rolling with the tumbleweeds through the open Nevada desert.

Jax say, “You rock my world” as he steals a kiss.

Basking in the afternoon sun in Idaho.

Long vistas and open space in Idaho

A peaceful moment on the river while camping in Idaho


Breakfast with Aliens!

Jax and Love had an Out of this World Vacation!

Not saying its aliens… but its Aliens!!

Lovey enjoys a bubblebath in a Vegas hotel

Jax ready for showgirls in Vegas, baby!

Lovey describes her dream of being the 1st Alpaca President!

Fancy hotel, sightseeing and spa in D.C.

Visiting the monuments and important spots in D.C.


Established camping pros, Jax and Lovey show off their site.

Vacationing in rustic style at the Penna. Pocono Mountains

Ready for another flight to adventure… but glad they’re not on THAT plane! :)

Celebrating America on the 4th of July

Dressed to model, Jax and Lovey attend an alpaca show

Jax and Lovey chatting with customers at an alpaca show

Desert camping and cave exploring at Valley of Fire State Park, NV


“I hope you brought the water” at Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Beautiful views while camping at Valley of Fire State Park, NV

A fun desert stop at Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Ready for a motorcycle adventure trip!

Jax and Lovey wait for 1000s of their friends to arrive at an LA port.

Jax takes new friends to see the ocean.


Jax shows new friends the Pacific Ocean

Jax and Lovey telling friends about all their adventures.

Jax, Lovey and more PacaBuddies are honored guests at an adorable wedding!

The happy couple guarantee lifelong happiness with an alpaca themed wedding!

Jax Halloween dressup

Jax and Lovey send postcard with new friend ‘made’ at Mt Baldy, CA


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