The Movie and TV industry have certainly perfected their way of deceiving people to the point that we don’t have much trouble believing everything we’re told to believe. Well, of course, there are some cases where we don’t even go the extra mile of questioning on-screen reality because why would we? It’s kinda possible, makes sense, and isn’t something out of this world so why question it. That’s what happened to James Corden’s fans while watching Carpool Karaoke. Everything we see on our screen points to him actually driving the car while filming but one fan discovered the reality is quite different. Turns out, Corden’s car is actually being towed the whole time of filming!

A fan spotted James Corden filming Carpool Karaoke with Justin Bieber

They were surprised to learn Corden isn’t actually driving while filming

Despite it really seeming like he is in his videos

The car is actually being towed the whole time of filming

Leaving Corden free to sing along with the stars in his passenger seat

Without worrying about crashing and hurting someone as iconic as Paul McCartney

Even if that caught you by surprise, you can’t really be mad about it!

Update: After the it went viral, Corden decided to address the video, saying that driving isn’t always fake. As it turns out, Corden usually drives himself, unless there’s something going on in the car that may cause safety issues. “I know this looks bad but I just wanna say right now that I always drive the car unless we are doing something where we think it might not be safe.”

Watch Corden’s explanation below

Updated on 2/4/2020