I am fond of good and worthy work such as painting, doodles, illustrations, digital art and so on. I would also like to share those inspirational works with people to inspire them too. So, this is another inspirational post of Jacek Yerks to make you all excited. All paintings are beautifully painted and some dreamlike images guide me to the dream world. Amazing!

Editor’s note: Polish artist Jacek Yerka was born in 1952. Both of his parents are artists, so he grew up with the smell of paint and surrounded by paper, ink, paints and brushes. Yerka was thinking about studying astronomy or medicine, but discovered paint right before his last exam and thus entered the mysterious world of colors. The artist was mostly inspired by XV century Dutch tablet paintings.

Jacek Yerka eventually attended the Fine Art Academy, just like his mom and dad. He has received recognition from various sci-fi enthusiasts and fantasy writers, and his works are even used for mind-bending jigsaw puzzles.

More info: yerkaland.com | Facebook