May the 4th be with you! Have a peek at how I made these yummy apple turnovers shaped like Jabba the Hutt – easy and fun.

These were a blast to make (and eat) and took about 45 min to create.

I used:
– 2 apples
– bit of cinnamon
– one package of Pillsbury pre-made pie crust

So let’s start! And once you’re done, take a look to my other pie designs.

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Finished Jabba the Hutt hand pies

First of all I had to make the stencil

I found a pic of Jabba online and traced a simple outline in photoshop, making sure it would fit 4 times within an 8″ circle of pie dough.

I traced the Jabba silhouette on some rolled pie dough

Next – cutting out the top shapes 5mm larger than the silhouette to leave lots of room for filling (he is a chubby guy after all)


I free-hand cut out some arms and eye lid shapes


Adding the filling

I made the filling with just diced apples boiled in cinnamon, but you can use whatever floats your boat. Pile about an inch high and be sure to leave a bit of space around the edges for crimping.

Lay on the top layers and you can use your fingers to pinch around the edges and seal in the filling

I curled the tails over the body once sealed just to finish it off a bit nicer.

Cutting the steam vents


Turnovers need vents to keep the filling from exploding out – Jabba’s huge mouth and nostrils are perfect for this job. At this point I added the arms on using a bit of egg white as glue.

I shoved some bits of apple into his head for eyeballs, and added the eyelids on top with egg white as glue


Some food colouring dots for pupils, a stick of apple for a hooka pipe, and some “chub lines” drawn with the back of the knife finish him off.

Egg wash before going in

Dab or brush egg white over everything before popping in the oven for 15 min at 400 degrees.

Golden brown finish

Done! They taste like McDonalds hand pies, but less chemically. If you like the chemical taste, feel free to add chemicals.


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Hope you like them