We are a Belgian couple, both 26, named Jolien en Karel. She is a starter architect and he is an electrical engineer. Instead of buying a house and settle down our lives like almost all of our friends around us we decided to buy a mercedes-benz vito and transform it to our first home. 

The big plan is to leave Belgium soon to give the travel life on the road a try.

We bought our van in December and now it’s almost finished. We worked on it for almost 200 man-hours, from design to an almost finished van.

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This is our first home

And this is us. We are both rather behind the camera than in front of it. So we try to tell a bit of ourself with our shadows

We are both cycling lovers and want to put our bikes safe inside of the van

The design


Roof insulation

The making of the bed


Weekend trip to the Mt. Saint Michel to try out the design

details do count in a tiny home


The almost finished rolling out kitchen

We can already make coffee in our home

The inside as a couch

The inside as a bed