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Inspired By The Beauty Of Nature We Create Magical Fluorescent Forests Indoors
User submission
Art, Interior Design6 years ago

Inspired By The Beauty Of Nature We Create Magical Fluorescent Forests Indoors

I’m Lindsey and 5 years ago I met my boyfriend at the perfect time; he was busy at the time with a home decor plan. He had painted some artificial leaves to hang up in his living room because he had some UV (fluorescent) lamps hanging from the ceiling. I met him and immediately helped him with his projects because I thought it was really cool to have these colorful garlands hanging in the house.

A while later a friend came by, saw our leaves hanging and said: “Hey! You should hang these up at a party”. And from that time, we’ve been doing that and it’s really awesome to do!

All the “oooeeehhhss” and “aaaawwhhhssss” you hear when people enter a venue we’ve decorated gives us the biggest ‘energy boost’ you never can imagine. It makes me feel proud again of what I’m doing.

We both love to go to the forest. The beauty, the calmness, the quietness, the unity… but when you look closely you’ll see a lot of little details in this big green maze: different shapes, different colors and a large spectrum of combinations. If you listen very closely you can hear all the little birds singing, and all the bugs buzzing. And maybe, you even can hear the fairies singing and the gnomes working.

Inspired by this beauty we go home and create our magical, colorful and fluorescent 3D artwork. The unique atmosphere we create has multiple layers of detail that allow appreciation of the whole to the smallest detail – with always something new to discover for the spectator, at every distance to the decor.

To create these settings we use a large variety of materials, which are usually second hand objects which we’ve recycled. All of them are intricately hand painted and crafted to awe. For each venue and event we create a new organic design that may look deceivingly random but in fact highlights the features of the event and the internal patterns of the design.

Our mision is; With the one thing we love to do the most (art), create a Magic Forest and get people entchanted by its beauty in the same way we get inspired by nature itself.

More info: Facebook

Steampunk Fairy

As you may know, fairies deserve there wings by doing good stuff.. This one thought to be a bit more creative, she made a nice fitting jetpack for herself and now she can just have fun ;)

Image credits: Lindsey Heijdel

Mr. and Mrs. Owl

They never leave each others side, they so cute

Karôl Dwerg

This is Karôl Dwerg, he use to be a dwarf but he get’s tired of digging up gold, so he run away to “live of the grid”, he met a few gnomes and now he’s the protector of the Fairy Garden.

Image credits: Lindsey Heijdel

Image credits: Namirte Stevens

Picture taken by: Namirte Stevens

Image credits: Hans Hase

Image credits: Ruben Bruining

Image credits: Sjoerd van Duijn
Svd Photography


She’s a bad Fairy ;)

Image credits: Lindsey Heijdel

Image credits: Lindsey Heijdel

Image credits: Lindsey Heijdel

Image credits: Ruben Bruijning


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