In economics, there are the concepts of a ‘buyer’s market’ and ‘seller’s market’ – that is, markets where, due to prevailing circumstances, the conditions are usually dictated by the buyer or seller. The rental real estate market traditionally falls into the category of a ‘seller’s market.’ And many sellers, or rather landlords, often greatly overuse this…

A classic example is this story on X about an overly detailed rent application form that one netizen once found and put up for discussion. And, of course, there was no full-fledged debate, because the commenters were mostly sophisticated in their wit about this hapless landlord.

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This ‘rent application form’ was recently found and published by some person on X

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It seems that the landlord who compiled it was incredibly meticulous and suspicious

So, this ‘rent application form’ includes 20 points, and even with sub-points, which sometimes begins to resemble a form applying for access to state secrets. Moreover, if we remove the clauses about ‘cell phone’ and other online services, then Mr. Oppenheimer could well give a similar questionnaire to prospective employees of the Los Alamos laboratory.

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No, of course, one can understand the desire of every landlord to open their precious rental only to proven, respectable people without bad habits, with a stable job, numerous zeros in their bank account, and who also share John Lennon’s opinion that an ordinary stone is an perfect pet.


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There are lots of points in the list which seem totally weird, and some of them even illegal

But everything, you see, has its own edge and its limit, and this landlord, without a doubt, crossed this limit, and more than once. Moreover, it is simply illegal to request information about some points of this questionnaire. And this, by the way, was repeatedly pointed out by the participants in the heated discussion on X.

Image credits: Ketut Subiyanto (not the actual photo)

So people in the comments just got to exceling in wit, adding some more ‘necessary’ points to this form

Many commenters ironically added questions to the list that, in their opinion, were definitely missing here. For example, mother’s maiden name (what if mom decides to visit the renter), name of their first dog (just in case of pure curiosity) and the city where the renter was born (to check that the renter is who they say they are…)

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And, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to share various information like personal driver’s licenses, bank statements, previous addresses over the last 10 years, social media accounts… in general, everything that will certainly be useful to any landlord, even if you plan to rent just a few months.


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Oh yes, we completely forgot – all the information listed in the form should be submitted simply so that they can graciously agree to consider your candidacy as a probable renter. And only then, after a thorough process of screening candidates, if you are very lucky, ‘Their Majesty the Landlord’ will deign to invite you for an interview. Without any guarantee, of course, that you will leave this interview with the keys to the apartment…


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Moreover, some people in the comments are pretty sure this questionnaire is a recipe for identity theft

However, many people in the comments are sincerely confident that this list, if not fake, was certainly compiled for the purpose of identity theft. Why else, people wonder, would the landlord need myGov & ATO (Australian Taxation Office) details? “This is a recipe for identity theft,” some commenters are pretty sure.

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And you know what else? What’s the most offensive thing here? Even if this list is genuine, there will definitely be people who will readily provide all the required information, and even more – so that later, having become a tenant, they will also, quite possibly, endure all sorts of pestering from the landlord. For the very simple reason that the rental housing market, as we have already said, is a seller’s market…

By the way, have you, our dear readers, ever encountered such inflated demands from landlords? If yes (and for some reason, it seems likely to us), then please feel free to share your memories in the comments below. Who knows, maybe your tell-tale story will turn out to be even more bizarre than this one…