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I’m Painting To Light Up The Darkness
User submission
Art4 years ago

I’m Painting To Light Up The Darkness

Welcome to the strange fantasy worlds created by Canadian painter Rebecca Chaperon. Based out of Vancouver, Bc, this artist’s work investigates themes of escapism and embraces the Jungian idea of the “shadow-self” in order to produce unique art that calms chaos, invoking a sense of balance and quiet contemplation.

The surreal yet beautiful paintings in Rebecca Chaperon’s latest series, “Incandescence”, mirror the psychic balance between light and dark. Only in the darkness can we see things glow and show their truly luminous spirit. The crystal forms in these unique paintings are buoyant, defying gravity, and then sometimes appear temporarily enthralled with their own reflections.

There is a transcendental and transcending quality in these works of art. Suspended in time and space, these icebergs and crystalline bodies are alive with light, incandescent nomads afloat in slow movement or temporarily caught in harmonic balance. Depicted in their somnambulant state above dark seas and lands the crystals are an evolution on the artist’s previous, more abstract, series of crystals with flat “blank” backgrounds. In “Incandescence” they are brought to life, to glow in the dark, or be peered at through the mouth of a cave.

The exhibition of “Incandescence” takes place at the amazing Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, WA April 11 to May 5, 2019.

More info:

“Swamp Magic” by Rebecca Chaperon 4ftx5ft Acrylic paint on canvas

“Lilith” by Rebecca Chaperon 3ftx4ft Acrylic paint on canvas

“Mineral Movement” by Rebecca Chaperon 3ftx4ft Acrylic paint on canvas

Photo by Lindsay Elliott

“Beacon” by Rebecca Chaperon Acrylic paint on canvas 22 x 28in


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