Meet the lovely Kwezidog… Rescue pup extraordinaire picked up on a busy highway in South Africa. My poor Kwezi was very sick with cancer and had to undergo and surgery and chemotherapy. Three years later she is a happy dog with a shoe fetish.

Every morning before I leave for work I pack all my shoes away only to come home from the hospital to a creative rearrangement of my footware. She has been seen with her snout down a shoe on several occasions, but this is rare most likely due to her shame over her secret obsession.

I decided to setup an Instagram account to document Kwezidog’s behaviour and offer some increasingly bizarre observations. Here are some observations and footage from my hidden camera!

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Happiness is a smelly shoe on green grass!

The morning pick-me-up…

Walked in on Kwezidog having a shoe moment… #shameface

A good grooming session has to include a smelly shoe.

At first I thought it was a simple fetish, but now she is showing signs of being an exhibitionist too.

All I want to do is sniff my shoe but these tiny humans want to play.

Staying classy – upgraded from a smelly sneaker to my human’s work shoes.


Wherever Kwezidog went she was met with love so she commissioned us to come up with her own clothing line.

Getting her own business line did not stop Kwezidog from sniffing her favourite pair of flip-flops.

Kwezidog’s little sister recently joined the family, and while she is not too sure of her yet I am sure that the duo will be sniffing shoes together soon!

Kwezidog Caught in the Act with my Hidden Camera