I wanted to interpret “Writing”. But it wasn’t that easy. Writing is something that mankind could only discover after long thinking and learning about how to drive and create certain mechanisms.

In order to explain how to write, I decided that I had to create some mechanisms and use them.

I took myself countless times using the camera’s timer to make the necessary adjustments. I created the mechanism I needed to turn the reflection of “Writing” in my mind, into a picture.

This reflection was completed with the unique response of my friend, actor, Ercan Kesal.

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“To Read”

In art, it’s always easy to find a subject to read but it’s always difficult to find a way to interpret it. In this photo, I tried to interpret “Reading” through a reader with the burning newspaper and the facial expression behind burning lines.

Reading is one of the simplest actions because you always read what others wrote (as it is now). What you’ve been reading could be right or wrong.

“To Write”

First test shot in my friend’s studio


The place you see in this photo is a friend’s studio. This is a test photo I took the first day I saw the place. When I looked at the place from that angle, some images started to appear in my mind.

Darkness, Light, Black, White

In order to emphasize the illumination of writers to its surroundings in historical scale is the most important initiative in the process that leads people from darkness to light, I thought of placing black and white, that is dark and light, as a main symbol to the photograph.

According to the “Writer” picture in my head, a writer would need a table, a typewriter and a large number of books

I was fortunate to find a proper piece wood that I could use as a tabletop in the clutter of a carpenter in the same street. Although it was very hard to carry the piece because it was 4 meters wide and weighs about 150 kg

We spent a lot of time cutting iron at a workshop downstairs


My giant iron setup was finally ready. After bringing it to the studio and spending a few hours, we finally managed to build it

The task of the giant iron setup was to create a ceiling with a depth that could be used to hung a lot of books in several places, so they could be suspended in the air

The depth of the ceiling was therefore important. I would be able to freely determine the movement I would create by adding the books back to back

I fixed the books to the ceiling using fishing lines, safety pins and buttons

Close to the end, the objects in my frame looked like this


I took myself countless times using the camera’s timer to make the necessary adjustments

Final result