Let’s face it, I’m weird. I love bunnies. I love drawing. I like drawing pictures of bunnies dressed up like Superheros. There, I said it.

But I like that I’m weird. I started Bunjamin to help raise funds for a rabbit rescue ( that I volunteer for. I needed a fun, simple character that had versatility. I started by selling them at Art Walks in Portland, Maine and soon found that other people thought that they were funny too. Eventually, I tried attending a local Comicon as an artist vendor and found success there too.

Now I’ve expanded the amount of characters and products I sell. Plus I still donate a generous amount to Friends of Willow. It’s nice that people are buying my products, and supporting a wonderful non-profit, but the thing I like most is making people laugh – knowing that my weird little idea or drawing hit home with someone.

More info:

Storm Bunner


Captain Bamerica

The Buntles


Spider Bun

Bun Luc Picard

The Big LeBunski

Happy Birthday Bun


James Bund

Rainbow Bunjamin


Big Buns

Bunjamin Who #11


Bunvengers Play Croquet

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