Climate change has been the last decade’s defining issue. But still, 41% of Americans don’t see climate change as a serious threat. Our solution: a furniture line designed to survive the long-term effects of rising sea levels. Ikea brings climate change to the living room so we can change the way we are living. Through prints, outdoors, social, digital, AR, ‘water globes’, and a special climate change room experience, we get people to notice and act against climate change. Because when we change, the climate doesn’t.

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The main idea

The collection


Climate change room

We also imagined creating an Ikea climate change room, inviting climate skeptics and influencers to actually live in the bleak future for 24 hours straight.

Their stay was broadcasted live for the world to see.

Water globes


We also designed ‘water globes’ so people could take the collection home, with all proceeds going to the Green Climate fund.

Watch the video: