Vincent Flouret, French fashion photographer from Paris, recently created a slightly different project that features his own dog, Max. He started photographing his pet more instead of high-fashion models about 3 years ago after volunteering with the City Shelters in LA where he was taking studio portraits of dogs to help them get adopted.

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This time Flouret, who named his project “Maxdonna”, recreated the iconic music video scenes and album covers by Madonna using his buddy Max. The dog version of The Queen Of Pop embodies Material Girl, wears an iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier corset, is ready to shoot for the “Hung up” music video, and even recreates “True Blue” album cover.

The best thing about this project is that it includes a charitable aspect. The money collected from the sold prints of Maxdonna will be donated to Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi, which aims to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi.

More info: Instagram

#1 Ray Of Light Album Cover

Ray Of Light Album Cover

max_et_vincent Report

Michel M. Prins 1 week ago

This can also work as a L'Oréal Paris advertisement.

#8 "Cherish" Music Video

"Cherish" Music Video

max_et_vincent Report

Tiu Tau Tilhi 6 days ago

I'm betting this one was the dog's favourite photo shoot.