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Not Only Salar De Uyuni – I Traveled Bolivia Off The Beaten Track
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Travel5 years ago

Not Only Salar De Uyuni – I Traveled Bolivia Off The Beaten Track

Most tourists come to Bolivia to see the biggest salt flats in the world hidden deep in Andean Altiplano, which is truly a unique place. But Bolivia is not only Salar de Uyuni! This diverse country hides many gems which can be only appreciated by curious, adventurous and somewhat flexible visitors (in terms of travel conditions, finances and time). I had lived in Bolivia for almost the years and during that time I visited many places, which in my eyes were as rare and beautiful as famous salt flats.

Are you ready to get off the beaten track and wander into the unknown territory of this Andean – Amazonian country? If so, I can promise, you will not be disappointed!

More info:

Salar de Uyuni (dept. Potosi) surely is unique but…

… there are other amazing places to see in Bolivia !

You can begin your adventure in Santa Cruz de la Sierra…

… unlike most tourist. And after overcoming jet lag (which is easier to do in the lowlands than highlands) and enjoying tropical delights of the biggest and most relaxed Bolivian city…

Climb sacred Torre de Chochis in La Gran Chiquitania …

… or the ´mirador ´opposite for he better view!

Swim in the river-like hot springs of Aquas Calientes…

…which is perfect after climbing the green hills of Serrania Santiago, in search of waterfalls, caves and prehistoric rock art.

Admire the landscape of Parque Amboro…

…which hides many treasures but again… you need to get off the beaten track! And take your time.

Discover El Fuerte de Samaipata

Forget Machu Pichu – El Fuerte de Samaipata is a pre – Incas sacred place which, according to some, was used as a landing strip by aliens!

Visit Jesuit Missions…

The best preserved churches of their kind in the world! (fot. San Xavier)

Drive through Mennonite Colonies…

…where the time stopped a while ago. Pop into the local shop to buy the best tortilla chips in Bolivia!

Get lost among sand dunes of Lomas de Arena…

… in the middle of tropical forest! And just minutes from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Admire distinctive culture and traditions of Camba people…

… the residents of Bolivian East, influenced by native Guaranis. For more authentic experience visit small towns of Cotoca, Porongo, Buena Vista, Santiago de Chiquitos etc.

Go south, and you reach Bolivian Chaco…

…full of undiscovered natural wonders and…exciting bus rides (stay safe!)

Go fishing in the river Polcomayo in Villamontes …

…or just ´feed´your eyes with the views, before ´losing´ yourself in Tarija – Bolivian capital of vine! After resting your bones in a dry and warm climate of Bolivian South you should be ready to vist the highlands…

Head north to surreal Parque Nacional Eduardo Avaroa (dept. Potosi)…

(you could visit Bolivian Wild West of Tupiza on the way – still on my bucket list)

…where you can spot cute viscachas!

… and go on a tour to see Salar de Uyuni and colourful lagunas;)

Stop in a historic city of Potosi…

…once the richest city in the world and one of the highest, with still working silver mine inside Cerro Rico!

Visit the constitutional capital of Bolivia, Sucre (dept. Chuquisaca)…

…with beautifully preserved colonial architecture (which somehow looks better on black&white photographs)

Don´t miss the City of Eternal Spring – Cochabamba…

… where you can enjoy not only warm weather but also the best food in Bolivia!

To burn off calories, climb the Hill of San Pedro…

… to take one of these silly selfies under the highest in South America figure of Christ- Cristo de la Concordia.

Go get some fresh produce on Mercado America (or La Chancha)…

…where you can find everything you may ever need, including some fine ´artesania´.

You may be lucky to stumble upon some street party…

…one of many throughout the year! However, for the biggest Carnival in Bolivia, go to Oruro just 3 hours away!

When you have enough of the city life, head to Toro Toro (dept. Potosi)

… another hidden secret of Bolivia, accessible only from Cochabamba! There you can spend days exploring unusual rock formations, dinosaurs fossils, deep caves and canyons.

In Toro Toro you can observe the colourful Tinku culture first hand!

…and do some more shopping!

There are many towns where Quechua culture is still alive, like Tarata…

…where life passes slowly and ancient mixes with modern

And now you may be ready to visit La Ciudad Maravigliosa, La Paz…

… with its stunning surroundings, Aymara traditions and countless places to discover! Remember, if you decide to start your trip there, you may find yourself short of breath!

Go to Valle de la Luna

or better… Vale de las Animas which I, sadly, missed.

Visit the ancient city of Tiwanaku

Receive a blessing from Aymara priest on Isla del Sol

Go trekking in the snowy Andes…

…or ride down the most dangerous road in the world – Camino de la Muerte – to tropical Las Yungas. Something I need to do myself one day!

Meet people…

… the beautifully diverse people of Bolivia.

And… may the sloth be with you!;)

I am sure you will meet some llamas too;)


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Nancy E
Community Member
5 years ago Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Your photos are so amazing ! You could do a coffee table book !

Nancy E
Community Member
5 years ago Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Your photos are so amazing ! You could do a coffee table book !

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