I’ve always wanted to know what Cinderella looked like in Belle’s dress. Well now we know! I photoshopped them into each others dresses. This was not intended to offend anyone :)

Ariel in Belle’s Dress

Ariel in Mulan’s Dress

Ariel in Tiana’s Dress

Aurora with Ariel’s Tail

Aurora in Cinderella’s Dress

Aurora in Pocahontas’ Dress

Belle in Cinderella’s Dress

Belle in Snow White’s Dress

Cinderella in Aurora’s Dress

Cinderella in Jasmine’s Clothes

Cinderella in Mulan’s Clothes

Jasmine with Ariel’s Tail

Jasmine in Snow White’s Dress

Mulan in Belle’s Dress

Mulan in Tiana’s Dress

Snow White in Aurora’s Dress

Snow White in Mulan’s Clothes

Pocahontas in Cinderella’s Dress

Pocahontas in Jasmine’s Clothes

Tiana in Belle’s Dress

Tiana in Pocahonas’ Dress