I have always been madly in love with creating art and painting feathers has become my newest obsession. The challenge of building up layers of paint on such a fragile surface is both exciting and arduous. With such a small, delicate canvas, I have to make sure my brush strokes are gentle and precise. I use acrylic paints and tiny paint brushes, and all of the feathers I use were naturally molted – many of which were donated to me by parrot owners, or were shed from my own five pet birds.

I have been making a name for myself as an artist over the past few years, specializing in colored pencil and charcoal pet portraiture, and am very pleased to now be accepting commissions for custom painted feathers as well. I love what I do and am so excited to see what the future has in store for me on this artistic journey.

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European Robin on a blue and gold macaw feather

Red Panda on a blue and gold macaw feather

Tiger on a wild turkey feather

Silky the Cat on a wild turkey feather

Boston Terrier on a military macaw feather

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot on an amazon parrot tail feather

Clown fish and anemone on a blue and gold macaw feather

Acrylic paintings on macaw feathers

Rose on a blue and gold macaw feather

Boston Terrier on a hyacinth macaw feather

Rainbow Lorikeet on a macaw feather

Working on a feather painting in progress

Timelapse video of my Boston Terrier feather painting