“I’m so sick of those feel good, meditative coloring books. Sometimes I just need a f**k you option. Thanks for providing the awesome shit to color. Can’t wait to send one to the in-laws!” -Lisa.

The above testimonial is one of many that I have received for my latest swear word adult coloring book: Fucksicles. I think it does a great job summing my intentions when I created this book.

I had been following the adult coloring explosion for the last year, but felt like it was missing something. There were many beautiful adult coloring books, but I felt the genre needed something with a little bit of edge.

Let’s face it, there are going to be days when you come home from a horrible day at work, finish changing a dirty diaper, or just broke up with your significant other for the 15th time. For those days, coloring a butterfly or paisley is just not going to cut it. You’re going to need something with a little more kick. Introducing Fucksicles: a swear word coloring book to help you relax on those days that just don’t go your way.

More info: fucksicles.com