In times when life gets harder it’s not always easy to describe every single person what’s happening to you right now. Maybe you can’t talk about it or you don’t want to. So this comic is made for the people who want to understand what is happening to depressed humans and for the people who need a little support. I want them to know that recovery is possible.

Maybe you find yourself in this comic or maybe you find a person you know. You are not alone in this. Yes, I know it is hard and exhausting and maybe right now the world is grey in grey and nothing makes sense anymore. But you can fight it. You can find your own way of getting better and leading a happy life again.

Forget what the media or society is telling you about what you have to be or have to do. Don’t let this pressure bring you down. You don’t have to earn millions. You don’t have to be a top model. You don’t have to take over your parents business. You don’t have to be nice to everyone, even if they are horrible to you. You don’t have to fit in a shape that anyone wants you to. This is not important. The only really important thing is that you find your own way to get along with things that life may bring and that your heart is filled with joy again.