I’m an artist from London. My new 3D puzzle is called Snuggled Puppies, and it’s made of cast resin. Out of all 12 pieces, each puppy is different from its sibling. It’s fun to put the puzzle together, and it gives a sense of satisfaction to finish and see them all snuggled together.

I first 3D printed the pieces (several prototypes were required before they fit together perfectly), then used the prints as masters for creating molds. The cast resin pieces are numbered at the bottom, and a guide on the bed helps with placing them in their correct positions.

Everything that I make has some connection to my personal life, and much of my work has a link to my childhood. When I was a child, we had a dog who gave birth to about 12 puppies who snuggled together in one bed, just like in this puzzle.

The puzzles are available for purchase in my shop linked below. If you like my material, you can check out my blog and respective social media accounts. Enjoy!

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The snuggled puppies

11 puppies need to fit inside their bed

Limited edition of 30 signed and numbered puzzles

The puppies are marked and there are guides helping to place them


The puppies are different from each other

I also take custom orders for life-size puzzles

In their packaging

It’s not as easy to put together as it seems in this sped-up video