This tentacular wreath is the first of a few different Cthulhumas-related projects I’m working on this month. I’ve never made a wreath of any kind before, but after all the tentacles were painted and attached, along with a variety of vintage Christmas decorations, LEGO octopuses and LED lights, I’m pretty pleased by my monstrous creation.

I may have lost a little of my mind in the process, but it seems a worthwhile trade for dabbling in eldritch crafts.

Next I’ll be working on an updated version of my Cthulhumas tree. Stay tuned.

More info:

It wriggles and writhes; it whispers when my back is turned.

The shiny red beginnings of a new Cthulhumas creature.

The Cthulhus were nestled all snug in their tentacle beds.

I painted LEGO octopuses to turn them into tiny Cthulhus, emerging from the tentacular wreath.

Its lights switched on, the wreath creature awakes. We’re all in trouble now.