Last year during a trip to the Philippines I was faced with the problem of a broken travel adapter. The batteries of my devices were dead, so I had to find a quick solution. I took a pair of pliers and worked on my Australian USB charger until it (somehow) fits into the socket. And then there was this silly thought: Wow. This works. Why has nobody ever invented a travel adapter with fully adjustable pins, so that it would fit in every socket, no matter where you are? And then spark of inspiration: Wait, I could do this. I could be the one to revolutionize travel adapters. So the next thing I did was sat in a bamboo hut in the Philippines for three weeks designing a gadget which would later be named myPowerMate. With 15 years working experience as a mechanical engineer it was possible to finish the theoretical part on this beautiful island with almost no Wifi. When I came back to Germany in September the more practical part began. You can see my progress in the prototype gallery above. It took me half a year of bureaucratic obstacles, tests and intensive immersion in german quality standards to find out, that my plans were feasible. There was no reason why myPowerMate shouldn’t come true.

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myPowerMate, the world’s first travel adapter for all the 15 different socket outlets