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I Swam Across, Flew Over, Dived Into, And Hiked Along The Fabulous Rivers Of Croatia
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I Swam Across, Flew Over, Dived Into, And Hiked Along The Fabulous Rivers Of Croatia


I swam across, flew over, dived into, and hiked along the fabulous rivers of Croatia. I did that to write a book and make a film about Croatian rivers.

Maybe no other European country has such diverse, yet so preserved rivers as Croatia. Adriatic coast is world-known, crystal clear sea, rocky coastline with ancient stone towns like Dubrovnik…The sea is however not the only richness of the Croatia. Its rivers are surely one of the most important values. From murky and slow lowland rivers that flood huge floodplains; through short and fast mountainous rivers that flush on rapids; then rivers in Karlovac region with travertine waterfalls and slow, almost marshy parts with lush vegetation; quiet rivers in karst polje that are lost in the dark underground only to spring at other place; until big Adriatic rivers in deep barren canyons with waterfalls, that meet the sea in narrow estuaries like Zrmanja or wide delta like Neretva.

Confluence of two rivers and canyons (Zrmanja and Krupa rivers)

The most beuutiful source of the river – The Korana River

Red deer crossing the river


The Danube River as Amazon

Diving in the underwater jungle

Exploring the waterfalls of Krka

Carp in the Drava River


Deers crossing the Drava River

Flood on the Danube

Under the Krka waterfall

Moonscape of Zrmanja estuary


Rafing on the Cetina River


Misty sunrise on Štrbački buk waterfall, the Una River

Shoal of endemic fish in Krka

Snake eating the fish on Danube

Diving in the deep Cetina source (150m+)

Sand martins from steep banks of the Drava

Drava and Mura rivers flowind side by side

Flood on the Drava


Waterafll on the Krka River

Frozen waterfalls on the Korana River

Water mill on the Mrežnica River

The maze of forest on the Krka River

The island with minastery on the Krka island

The deep source of the Cetina River

Confluence of Drava and Danube rivers

Boys on gravel bars on the Drava


Krka waterfalls

Pike on the Drava

Braided stream on the Drava River

Huge gravel bar on the Drava River

The Odra River in summer

Rapids on the Mirna River

Watermill on the Mirna River

Paklenica beneath Anića kuk rock


Common tern nesting on the gravel bars

Rainbow trout in the Gacka RIver

Wild Krupa canyon with waterfalls

The dice snake with a fish in Mrežnica River


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