So I created these little Pandas for people to find and collect, I live in the UK in a little village called Brewood, not a lot to do for people, so being an outsider , I decided to spice things up a little, by creating the Pandas and painting them as different characters. Once a Panda had been found, I get the finder to face book me the number, and then I can tell them all about the Panda they have found, I did it to put a smile on peoples faces.

I have found it has helped one lad, come out of his shell and it seems to be giving him confidence, this is why I did it, so each day , when walking Button my dog, I hide a little Panda and wait for the response, some families have spent hours walking around the village, hey it helps the children got to sleep. Now people who have found a Panda are making houses for them. Now there are people looking out for me and Button on our walks.

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