Hi, my name is Addie, I’m 23, and I’ve been dealing with (diagnosed) mental health issues for about ten years now, and I was always quite ashamed of it and tried to hide it as much as I can.

In the summer of 2019, things started getting worse again, and that’s when I knew I have two options, to give up entirely or try to start again, try to heal.

So, I took the more difficult road and decided to deal with it and started a new treatment.

 That’s when I decided to open my little online diary on Instagram, a way for me to be completely honest about my feelings and also, maybe, reach to and inspire others who might be in the (more or less) same situation as me.

For a long time, I thought social media was affecting me negatively, and that’s precisely why I decided to create this account, my mental health journey, on Instagram. 
We’ve been told for years now that social media isn’t good for our mental health, which can be true, of course. But this whole world of social media and Instagram is filled with endless content and personalities, and we GET to choose who we want and who we don’t want to follow. We don’t have to avoid our phone altogether to feel better; we can choose to fill it with positive, uplifting, and inspiring content.

So, my journey of healing is still going, lots of ups and even double the downs, but I’m here to keep walking and hopefully reach as many souls who need to read this positive affirmation and to know they’re not alone.

I wish you a beautiful day, or night, wherever you are in whichever time zone, please remember you are not alone, and whatever is happening in your life right now, it will get better. Just please don’t give up.

Love, Addie.

P.S. Here are some of the gifs I made, hope one of them will put a smile on your face…

More info: Instagram

“People change, seasons change,
and your perspective changes, too.
You start to see where the light gets in.
You start to see how to make it through…”

-@morganharpernichols on Instagram.

“You are with the quiet of
The morning, in the pause
Between what is night and
What is dawn,

And you’ve been ready
To rise all along.”

-@p.bodii on Instagram.